The Astronot feature film by director Tim Cash & screenwriter Pennan Brae is an Official Selection at the Juggernaut Film Festival in Chicago.  During the 1940a, Daniel loved to read his Buck Rogers science fiction novels of the 1930s.  There were no astronauts at that time nor any space travel, but they fed his imagination richly.  Daniel would ask his father Walter, who was a World War 2 pilot if he thought humankind would ever reach the moon.  Walter thought, ‘possibly in a 100 years’.  That year was 1941 & the Wright Brothers had just gotten off the ground a few decades earlier.  But by the time the 1960s rolled around, the Americans & Russians were lockstep in a race to the moon.  NASA & the Americans eventually prevailed & Daniel watched every step.  How he longed to become an astronaut; it was all he wanted to be.  It is the tale of The Astronot.