Photoshoot with Vancouver photographer Dan Jackson of Manifest Photography for the upcoming feature film, ‘The Astronot‘.  The poster features actor Pennan Brae as lead character Daniel McKovsky in the film.  Daniel is a recluse who lives in the backwoods of Central Oregon.  There, his time revolves around 3 passions; astronomy, metal collecting & the Oregon Ducks.  In the safe confines of his home he watched the Mercury, Gemini & Apollo missions on the television during the 1960s.  Astronauts were his heroes & what he longed to be.

Daniel maintained this solitary life until a young letter carrier walked up his driveway & delivered a package.  Her name was Sandy Allister, a recent Florida transplant to Central Oregon.  She was friendly & outgoing & as much an opposite as the introverted Daniel as could be.  Yet somehow they seemed to click.  Slowly Daniel began to come out of his shell  and move back to the outgoing, friendly person he was as a child.  He shared his interest in astronomy with Sandy who  quickly adopted it.  Together they began watching the Apollo missions as American raced against the Soviets to put a man on the moon.

The fear of loss though was something always present in Daniel’s mind.  It had affected him personally as a child with the loss of his parents & he had finally opened up after decades of seclusion in his new relationship.  The challenge for Daniel was to continue along this path.  One day when he saw Sandy walking arm in arm with another guy, his heart imploded.  He didn’t ask her what it was about, but instead leaped into a chasm of despair, holding on with this fingers to get out.

‘The Astronot’ is a feature film written by singer-songwriter Pennan Brae & directed by Tim Cash of ‘Far From Earth Films‘.   It was filmed in and about Bend, Oregon and takes place between 1941 – 1969.  The film is set for release in the Spring of 2017.