The screenplay for The Astronot by screenwriter Pennan Brae is an Official Selection for Best Feature Screenplay at the Hollywood North Film Awards in Toronto.  The story of The Astronot begins in 1941 in Central Oregon with a young Daniel McKovsky & his father Walter, gazing at the stars.  It was a favourite activity shared by the pair & they loved to discuss the cosmos & about the potential of space travel, specifically space travel to the moon.  It was but 4 decades since the Wright Brothers got off the ground & the moon at 250,000 miles away seemed but a fantasy.  Yet just 20 years later the space race was under full swing & Daniel’s attention was captured.  He loved watching all the missions by astronauts in the Project Mercury, Gemini & Apollo. Watching the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969 was a highlight in his life & it brought back to his attention the conversations he & his father used to have.  How Daniel longed to be an astronaut.  Yet he rarely left his own county let alone the planet.  It was the life of The Astronot.