The Astronot Wins Best Trailer at the Global Film Festival Awards

JUL 6, 2018

The trailer for ‘The Astronot‘ by Far From Earth Films director Tim Cash won Best Trailer at the Global Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles. The trailer was filmed in Bend, Oregon & takes place between 1941-69.  It follows the life of one boy into adulthood & his passion for space.  His name was Daniel McKovsky & he dreamed about becoming an astronaut before there was such a thing.  His father & he had a special look-out they named McKovsky Point where they’d go up & pick out the constellations all night. As an adult, Daniel loved the space race.  He followed every mission of Project Mercury, Gemini & Apollo.  It was his wildest dreams come true; seeing humankind fly to the moon.  He had many other goals & dreams he wanted to achieve in ‘The Astronot’.