The Astronot Wins Best Idea For Feature Film at the Mediterranean Film Festival

JUN 9, 2018

The Astronot movie won Best Idea for a Feature Film at the Mediterranean Film Festival in Italy.Β  The idea for the film occurred during a photosession between Pennan Brae & photographer Dan Jackson of Manifest Photography in Vancouver, BC. Pennan was wearing an astronaut suit & was standing beneath a full moon. Dan handed Pennan an old, rickety ladder to hold & it was in that moment that the concept of someone wanting to become an astronaut but being unable for some reason, was born. The screenplay was then written and sent to director Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films for his thoughts in Bend, Oregon. Tim was keen on the idea of pursuing the idea and after many reviews and revisions,Β the feature filmΒ was shot in Central Oregon over a period of 30 days.