The Astronot Screens at Euro Fest in St. Petersburg

JUN 7, 2018

The Astronot screened at Euro Fest Film Festival in St. Petersburg on June 2nd. The film by director Tim Cash & screenwriter Pennan Brae won Best Feature Film at the festival.  The Astronot follows one boy’s passion for space while growing up in the 1940s.  By the time the sixties rolled around, the space race between the Russians & Americans was under full swing.  The boy, now an adult, was in heaven watching all these exciting missions.  Yet he lived a life of solitude.  That all changed with the appearance of a young postal worker delivering a package to his house.  She was a light which lit up his otherwise dormant world.  His whole energy & demeanour changed & he got to share his passion for space with her.  It was the most exciting time of his life.