The Astronot Screening at Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival

MAY 9, 2018

The upcoming film ‘The Astronot‘ by director Tim Cash is screening at the Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival this May 18th-20th.Β  The film received an Official Selection for Best Drama Feature by director Tim Cash & Best Screenplay & Score by screenwriter & musicianΒ Pennan Brae. The screenplay & score were written in Vancouver, BC & the film shot in Bend, Oregon. The idea for the film came during a photoshoot with Pennan & Vancouver photographer Dan Jackson. ‘I had an astronaut suit & was doing a photoshoot for an album cover; I’ve always loved space,’ comments Pennan. ‘The idea was for me to stand beneath a full moon & gaze longingly up at it.Β  Then Dan handed me an old rickety ladder to hold & the idea came of someone who longed to become an astronaut but was unable to; that was the spark for the idea’.Β  Pennan then wrote the screenplay and sent it to director Tim Cash for his thoughts. After many revisions & improvements, filming began in Central Oregon.