The Astronot an Official Selection at the Chautauqua International Film Festival

JUL 2, 2018

The Astronot feature film by director Tim Cash & screenwriter Pennan Brae is an Official Selection at the Chautauqua International Film Festival in Jamestown, New York.  The film is screening at the festival on July 27th, 2018.  The Astronot follows one boy’s life into adulthood & his lifelong passion for space.  During the 1940s, Daniel & his father Walter loved stargazing together & picking out the constellations.  They even had a look-out they went to: McKovsky Point. They’d roast marshmallows there & camp out all night.  Daniel wondered if humankind would ever reach the moon.  He’d talk with Walter about it.  Fast forward to adulthood & Daniel is on his own.  His sole activities of solace are metal detecting for old artifacts & scrap metal which he cashes in to sustain himself & looking through his telescope at night. He was essentially a recluse, living far out in the countryside.  That all began to change when a young postal worker named Sandy walked up his driveway with a package & into his life. She lit a spark in Daniel that had been dormant for so long.  He introduced her to his passion for space & they watched missions together, as the space race was in full swing.  But under the surface, Daniel had issues which had yet to be resolved.  These challenges would come to the surface in ‘The Astronot’.