The Astronot A Finalist in Feature Film at the Move Me Productions Film Festival

JUL 3, 2018

The Astronot feature film by director Tim Cash is a Finalist at the Move Me Productions Film Festival in Belgium. The film, written by screenwriter Pennan Brae, takes place in Central Oregon from the 1940s-70s.  It deals with 1 boy’s fascination with space from childhood into adulthood.  This boy loved stargazing with his father.  As an adult he’d look at the moon & constellations with his telescope.  It was his sole hobby & passion.  & with the space race unfolding in the 1960s, it was all he needed to capture his imagination.  That was until a postal worker walked up his driveway with a package.  Her energy seemed to unlock the universe for him & he was hooked.  They began a friendship.  He loved telling her about the various astronauts & their pursuit to reach the moon.  He even took her along metal detecting & hunting for treasure. His solitude was vanquished & he was on a trajectory to the stars.