‘The Astronot’ in Post-Production

JAN 6, 2017

Filming has completed for ‘The Astronot‘ & the project is currently in post-production.  The film is set for release in June, 2017.  ‘The Astronot‘ was filmed in Central Oregon & is set between 1941 – 1969.  It tells the tale of Daniel McKovsky & of his dream to reach the stars.

The Astronot‘ is directed by Tim Cash of ‘Far From Earth Films‘ & features a soundtrack by singer-songwriter Pennan Brae.  Pennan had contacted Tim about an idea he had in the Summer of 2013 about a man who wants to become an astronaut but is unable to.  The idea spawned from a photoshoot Pennan was doing with Vancouver photographer Dan Jackson for an upcoming album cover idea which involved an astronaut suit.  Dan suggested making a homemade ladder which would be set under a moon as though the astronaut in the photo used it to climb to the moon.  It was from that moment that the writing began on the story.

Tim & Pennan corresponded over the following 2 years about ideas & logistics for filming of ‘The Astronot‘.  It was going to be a self-funded project, so the logistics of shooting had to be realistic & within budget.  Tim & his wife Yuvia scouted out areas which might good fits for location shoots as Pennan continued to write and assemble props for the film which went with the scenes.  These props were sent down to Far From Earth Films studio where Tim kindly stored them until production began.

Finally in the late Fall of 2016, filming began on ‘The Astronot‘.  It was early October & the small crew set out on an ambitious schedule of 30 days of shooting.  An early snowstorm in late October hampered production as shooting was cancelled until the following February of 2016, but at that date things resumed and filming was completed.  Since that time, Tim has continued with putting the pieces of the project together in edits and just recently sound editor Adam Fulton has come on board to assist with sound.  ‘The Astronot‘ is set for release this summer of 2017.