New Film Poster – The Astronot

FEB 4, 2017

New film poster for the upcoming movie, ‘The Astronot‘ by artist John Keane in Vancouver, BC.  The poster features main character Daniel McKovsky (Pennan Brae) as he sits in his living room staring up at the heavens, contemplating the universe.  With his telescope & astronaut suit in the background, it has been Daniel’s sole goal & interest since a child to journey to the moon & stars above.  It was the one activity he thought about all the time.

Directed by Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films, ‘The Astronot’ is a feature film set between the early 1940s to the late 60s.  It focuses on Daniel McKovsky & his family whom lived in the rural openness of Central Oregon.  Their homestead, tucked deep in the woods along the banks of the Deschutes River was a wonderful place to grow up for Daniel.  They had miles of walks all about them with no other people and they could seemingly fish endlessly in the Deschutes.

Best of all, there were no urban lights to obstruct their view of the beautiful night sky.  & each night Daniel & his father Walter would go out on their dock & pick out the constellations one by one.  They also marveled at the moon & given that it was 1941, wondered what it would be like to travel there & if such a thing were possible.  Walter was in the Air Force after all.  He reasoned it would be sometime far into the future, given that the Wright Brothers had just gotten off the ground some 30 years earlier.  Daniel would endlessly wonder about that possibility.

Walter gave Daniel his favorite gift, one that he treasured right into adulthood.  It was a lovely brass telescope that Walter had picked up in Portland.  He mailed it to Daniel right before he went off to serve in the Pacific during World War II.  Daniel received that telescope and set it up immediately.  He couldn’t wait for his Dad to come home so they could look at it together.  The only question was, when would he be home?  Daniel waited each & every night; the days seemed to go on forever.