Poster Art #2 – The Astronot

JUL 5, 2016

Sketch work by artist John Keane for movie poster art for the upcoming film, ‘The Astronot‘.   The film spans 3 decades between the 1940s to ’60s.  The story takes place in Central Oregon & focuses on one man’s passion for space & the quest to land a man on the moon.  The movie is written by artist Pennan Brae & directed by director Tim Cash of ‘Far From Earth Films‘.

The lead character is Daniel McKovsky, born in 1933 along the shores of the Deschutes River in Central Oregon.  Daniel grew up beneath the crystal clear Oregon sky & developed an early appreciation for the stargazing & the universe.  He shared this love with his father, Walter, who was a pilot in the United States Air Force.  The pair lived an idyllic existence in the countryside until one fateful day in 1941 when Walter was called to service in the Pacific.  Daniel waited each day for his father to return.

Fast forward to the 1960s & Daniel is still waiting.  He earns his keep by driving the 1912 Harley Davidson his father used to take him around in & collecting scrap metal to put in the wooden sidecar for refunds.  He is also fully enveloped in the space race as all of Daniel’s childhood questions & fantasies were coming to fruition.  Humankind was venturing into space & a heated space race was underway between the USA & USSR.  There was the first satellite in orbit, the first man in orbit & then the first spacewalk.  The Soviets had jumped to an early lead, but the Americans were catching up as the decade progressed.  Daniel read every article & watched every launch.

He had lived a solo existence until one day when a lady walked up his driveway who would change his life.  Her name was Sandy & a complete opposite of Daniel, yet the missing pieces each had seem to complete the other.  Like the rockets he so enjoyed watching, the pair was on a trajectory of their own to a new sphere of happiness & companionship.  All Daniel had to do was maintain that path.  This was just one of the challenges for ‘The Astronot‘.