Movie Poster #1 – The Astronot

JUL 2, 2016

Sketch work by artist John Keane for movie poster art for the upcoming film, ‘The Astronot‘.  The film focuses on one man’s desire to reach the stars.  Growing up in the 1940s, well before the space race, Daniel McKovsky would sit out on the dock along the Deschutes River in Central Oregon & look up at the stars all night with his father Walter.  During the daytime, Daniel read his Buck Rogers novels & fantasized about going into space.  He would ask his father, who was in the Air Force, if it was possible to fly to the moon.  “Not in my airplane, but maybe in 100 years,” he replied.  It was to come far sooner than that.

As an adult & on his own in the 1960s, Daniel lived somewhat isolated in the Oregon countryside.  He’d read all his Time & Newsweek magazines on the space missions NASA was undertaking.  He turned on the TV & watched Alan Shepard become the 1st American in space.  A few months later he marveled at John Glenn becoming the 1st American to orbit the Earth.  & shortly thereafter Ed White became his first countryman to do a spacewalk during Gemini IV.  All his childhood dreams & questions were coming to life before his eyes.  & now during the Apollo Program, astronauts orbited the moon & in preparation for a moon landing.  He watched every moment, he read every article & he imagined every step.  How he longed to be one.

Soon Daniel would have a companion to share the excitement with.  Her name was Sandy Allister & they met when she was delivering a package to him one lovely Spring day in April 1969.  A few months later they were side by side & gripped by excitement as they watched Apollo 11 carefully maneuver to touch down on the moon.   & then they waited for that hatch to open & then it did.  & astronaut Neil Armstrong climbed down that ladder to touch down on the moon.  It was July 20th, 1969 & the high point of Daniel’s life, the culmination of four decades or pondering if humankind could reach the moon.  & best of all, he finally had someone to share it with.  All Daniel had to do was handle the course & maintain a safe journey of his own in ‘The Astronot‘.