‘The Astronot Soundtrack’ in Post Production

FEB 7, 2017

The Astronot Soundtrack‘ by singer-songwriter Pennan Brae is currently in post-production.  The album will feature 10 songs with the lead singles being ‘Crashland’ & ‘Walk With Me’ which feature drummer Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers).  The album was recorded at Blue Light Studio in Vancouver with producer Kaj Falch-Nielsen and mixed by producer Kirk Kelsey in Los Angeles.

It was the goal of the album to serve as a soundtrack for a film.  Pennan had done various music videos in the past; many with director Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films, who wound up directing ‘The Astronot‘.  ‘I was tired of doing another 3-minute music video,’ says Pennan.  ‘At first I thought of doing an hour long music video.  Tim then looked at me & said, ‘you mean a soundtrack’.  It was that simple statement which popped into my head the thought of writing a screenplay.  The album already had lots of strings; violins & cellos & whatnot.  It has a cinematic feel, especially with the touches that Kirk put to it.  So why not try to develop a story line which it could accompany.’

The next step was a photoshoot with photographer Dan Jackson of Manifest Photography in Vancouver.  ‘Dan’s a great photographer & he has great creative vision with shoots.  He comes up with ideas from left field which is great,’ explains Pennan.  ‘I had this astronaut suit at home which Tim & I had used on an earlier music video shoot.  I love space & visual images of the night sky.  I brought it into Dan to show him & explained how I thought it would look beautiful standing in it beneath a full moon.  Dan then came up with the brilliant suggestion of holding an old rickety ladder, which adds a lot of romance & intimacy to it.  & thus the album cover was born.’

From that shoot then came the idea for ‘The Astronot‘, about an individual who longed to go to the moon, yet was unable to for some reason.  Pennan went home and began to work on the idea & with discussions with director Tim Cash, ‘The Astronot‘ was born.