‘The Astronot’ – Filmed in Central Oregon

OCT 5, 2016

The Astronot‘ is a feature film set in Central Oregon during the 1940s – 1960s.  It was filmed in & about Bend, La Pine & Fort Rock, Oregon & directed by Tim Cash of ‘Far From Earth Films‘.   The film features a soundtrack written by singer-songwriter Pennan Brae & is set for release in early 2017.

The opening third of the movie was filmed in & about La Pine, Oregon along the Deschutes River.  This part tells the story of Daniel McKovsky as a young boy in the 1940s, living with his father Walter & Aunt Hilda in the deep woods of Central Oregon.  Daniel lived a content life here; he loved fly fishing with his father during the day & stargazing at night.  He had so many questions about the universe & wondered if humankind would ever be able to go to the moon in the future.

The middle part of ‘The Astronot‘ takes place in Bend, Oregon during the mid to late 1960s.  There, Daniel, now an adult, lives alone with a hermit like existence.  He earns money by collecting scrap metal in his 1912 Harley Davidson sidecar & taking it to the local metal man for refunds.  He follows the space race passionately & his boyhood dream of seeing a man land on the moon seems to be getting closer.  The United States & Soviet Union are locked in a heated space race with each nation pushing the other forward to new achievements in space.  The American astronauts involved were his heroes.  He lived in his own little insulated environment following them.

The final part of ‘The Astronot’ occurs in the late 1960s & takes place predominately in Tumalo & Fort Rock, Oregon.  During this part, Daniel’s self-imposed isolation is shattered by a lovely young woman named Sandy.  He is taken by her instantly with her outgoing & friendly personality & she somewhat by him, with his quirkiness & introverted nature.  Daniel introduces Sandy to the space race & together they follow each & every step of the Apollo missions & their quest to land on the moon.

& just like space travel, there are hiccups that occur along one’s way in life & in relationships.  The question for Daniel, the Astronot, would whether he be able to stay on course with his path to happiness or drift away & be left in space.  This was the challenge for ‘The Astronot’.