The Astronot – 1941

JAN 15, 2017

The Astronot‘ story begins in the 1940s with a young Daniel McKovsky living along the Deschutes River in Central Oregon with his father Walter & Aunt Hilda.  There they lived a peaceful existence.  Walter taught Daniel how to fly fish along the Deschutes & the pair also enjoyed playing football in the fields & listening to their beloved Oregon Ducks on the radio.

The activity they enjoyed the most together though was stargazing at night.  Walter had a pair of binoculars which they would share deep into the night as they picked out the constellations.  Walter also introduced Daniel to a lookout point 20 miles West where they would have an even better vantage point for stargazing.  Together they rode out in their old 1912 Harley & explored it.  It became a favorite spot of Daniel’s; they would bring their sleeping bags & marshmallows & gaze at the stars under the fresh country air; it was a very special time.  They dubbed it, ‘McKovsky Point’ & made it their private spot.

Their home life was shattered though with the outbreak of World War II.  Walter was called to duty in the Pacific & his departure was a heartbreak for Daniel.  They lived deep in the country & his father was Daniel’s best friend.  Walter promised though that his leaving was only temporary & that his assignment was 6 months long.

& so Daniel would head out each night to the dock along the Deschutes & gaze at the stars, thinking of his father & waiting for his return.  Walter had sent Daniel a telescope he had picked up in Portland & it was this instrument that especially reminded Daniel of his father each night & their previous trips out to McKovsky Point.  & he sat & waited & waited some more, each night hoping that the next morning would be the day that his father walked through that door.  It seemed like an eternity to the young boy.