1912 Harley – The Astronot

FEB 11, 2017

In ‘The Astronot‘, Daniel’s father Walter was his hero; he meant everything to the boy.  As a child growing up in the rural outback of rural Oregon, Daniel & his Dad got about in his old 1912 Harley Davidson.  Walter had built an apple cart sidecar which his young son could hop in as they rode about the back roads.  It was a blast for Daniel; so much fun.

The trip young Daniel enjoyed taking the most was to a look-out point Walter had learned about.  It was an extinct volcano about 40 minutes from home. There, the pair could climb up to the top & have a bird’s eye view of the heavens & partake in their favorite activity; astronomy & stargazing.  They would fill up the sidecar with marshmallows, sweaters & sleeping bags & make a night out of it.  The stars were so brilliant there & they’d pick out the constellations once by one.  It was nothing but the clear night sky with not a soul around.  They loved the spot so much that they named it McKovsky Point.

Daniel’s life suddenly changed when Walter was called to serve in the Pacific during World War II.  Daniel didn’t want his Dad to go & pleaded with him to stay.  Walter explained to Daniel that it was his duty to go to serve & protect the freedom they so much enjoyed.  He promised that when he returned, Daniel & he would hop in the old Harley & take it up to McKovsky Point as soon as he got back.

& so Daniel waited & waited.  He stared out at the old Harley under the garage and watched the cobwebs form on it.  He took the telescope his father sent him from Portland before going off to serve out to the dock & looked at the stars each night.  The nights, weeks & seasons passed; would he ever return?